28 years of experience

Fijn Mekaniek Nelissen, founded in 1990, is a Subcontracting company in the world of automotive, construction, aviation and aerospace industry , medical, maintenance and other industries. Processing of metals and plastics for the production and supply of (replacement) parts and prototypes is among the core activities. Both, single part manufacturing like prototyping as well as large or small badges can be produced. More than twenty highly qualified employees ensure quality, flexibility, precision and service. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about what's new at Fijn Mekaniek Nelissen.


We are the proud owner of the ISO9001 and EN9100 certification. These certifications motivate us to improve the quality of your products. The quality control area, air-conditioned and equipped with 3D measuring systems,ensures a high level of finish.


Flexibility is paramount here. The customer should always be able to count on FMN and should always be able to turn to FMN. Especially when time pressure is very high, FMN will respond urgently. We ensure that your downtimes will be limited!


By being flexible and striving for a better quality, we want to increase the service to a higher level. By thinking along with you, we support you from design over production until the final installation. Our goal is a win-win situation for both.

We measure all your parts at1 micron exactly!

Precision measurement is for sure !!

Aerospace certified

Since 2013, Fijn Mekaniek Nelissen is EN9100 certified. This quality-label allows us to manufacture components directly for the Aerospace. In 2012, FMN got the ISO 9001 certification label.